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#AprilTTRPGMaker 2019: Week 2-ish

I was on vacation last week. While I was able to keep up with the #AprilTTRPGMaker questions on Twitter, I wasn’t able to update here. Anyway, here’s the last 10 or so questions.

#AprilTTRPGMaker 2019: Week 1

Kira Magrann is spearheading the #AprilTTRPGMaker hashtag on Twitter, encouraging everyone who makes stuff for tabletop RPGs of all kinds to share their work, their process, their experiences all month long. I’m taking part, and I thought I’d briefly expand upon my tweet-length responses in a blog series.

Eidol Summoning—Two Sample Eidols

Some of the earliest eidols that many practitioners learn to summon are counterparts to mundane creatures drawn from various Otherworlds. Here are two such example eidols.

Eidol Summoning — A Framework for Magical Allies in GURPS

I’ve been putting some ideas down for a fantasy campaign in GURPS with a broad selection of “magic” systems. In addition to the systems from GURPS Thaumatology: Sorcery and GURPS Powers: Divine Favor, I want to have a few options that draw on other sources like Chi and spirits.

My Gen Con Schedule

Gen Con 2018 is rapidly approaching, and I’m scrambling to get ready for the “best four days in gaming.” I’d like to share my schedule so you know where I’ll be. Maybe we’ll run into each other!

Video Archive Now Available

I’ve been making videos on my YouTube channel for a while, including series exploring the core mechanics of various RPGs, explaining terms and jargon of the RPG lexicon, and making characters for different systems. Now those videos are archived here so you can catch them all in one place. Head over to the Video page now and catch up.

Wolf Spider (a supervillain for Fate Core)

Eric Nostrum was just minding his own business, working in the Outfit’s warehouse drug lab, when a bunch of costumed freaks busted in. One of three workers charged with defending the lab in just such an event, Nostrum took a dose of an experimental combat drug designed to give anyone powers for a short time.

Welcome Back!

It’s time for spring cleaning, and part of that included updating the Nothing Ventured Games site with a new (and hopefully improved) design.

Numbers for 2017

2017 marked my fifth year offering gaming products for sale via OneBookShelf (DriveThruRPG, DriveThruCards, etc.). In total, I sold 273 units (PDFs, POD cards and books) and had $304.41 is earnings. In both units sold and earnings collected, 2017 was my best year yet selling through these sites. I’ve included an interactive chart below that displays how many units of each product sold in each category of POD card decks, PDFs, Card+PDF bundles, and POD softcover book + PDF bundles.

Ettin Elder

Occasionally, an ettin will survive to a great age, and its heads will come to an uncomfortable final alliance. Their objective is to die, and they will rampage until a defense can be mounted against them. Such a creature is a terror to remote settlements, and even fortified castles have much to fear.


I’ve been a little behind on reporting my sales numbers lately. Overall, they’ve been performing much like the first quarter. June and July showed the highest earnings of the year to date. Rather than just provide a bunch of lists, here’s an interactive graph showing sales of each product as well as total earnings month by month. Enjoy!

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