Dungeon Accelerated: Cleric

Fate — characters, and system
Art by: Brian Patterson

The Cleric’s greatest strength is his faith in a higher power. His devotion gives him the gifts of healing and divine magic and makes him a powerful force against those his faith considers unholy. The force of his belief makes him unshakeable but can also cut him off from his more worldly companions.

Play the Cleric if you want to wield the power of faith, cast spells to bless the righteous and smite the wicked, and speak for your god. In the dungeon, your magic is indispensable, keeping everyone whole and sane. In town, you carry the authority of your station and represent a powerful force in the world.


High Concept: Choose one.

  • Defender of the Faith
  • Devoted Healer

Trouble: Choose one.

  • Holier Than Thou
  • Naive to the World

Other Aspects: Choose three. You may replace one with a racial aspect.

  • __________ is Marked By My God
  • Impressive Holy Symbol
  • A Saint in a Den of Thieves
  • There are Signs Everywhere
  • Vow of __________


Careful: Good (+3)

Assign the following to the other five approaches: Fair (+2), Fair (+2), Average (+1), Average (+1), and Mediocre (+0).

Class Feature

Divine Favor [ ][ ][ ]: You have the favor of your god, and it grants you the power to heal and bless your companions.

  • Once per scene, you can mark off one use of Divine Favor to lower a consequence by one level or remove a mild consequence immediately.
  • If you succeed with style on a create an advantage action to bless an ally, instead of the normal result, you can mark off one use of Divine Favor to create a situation aspect on every ally in your zone and any adjacent zones. Place a total of three free invokes on any number of your allies.

You regain all uses of Divine Favor when you spend the appointed holy hour praying to your god.


Choose one. At each milestone, you can choose another as your minor milestone benefit. Once you have three stunts, each new stunt lowers your Refresh by 1.

  • Cleanse the Unholy: I get +2 to Carefully overcome obstacles that are in direct opposition to my faith.
  • Divine Anger: I get +2 to Forcefully attack any creature my faith considers unholy.
  • Trusted Member of the Clergy: I get +2 to Flashily create an advantage in town involving followers of my faith.
  • Unwavering Faith: I get +2 to Cleverly defend against attempts to confuse, mislead, or sway me from my righteous path.

Human Cleric Art is © 2012 Brian Patterson, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/