Dungeon Accelerated: Wizard

Fate — character, and system
Art by: Brian Patterson

The Wizard is the ultimate authority on arcane magic. He wields incredible power, and while he may seem physically weak, he keeps up with his fellow adventurers just fine. His spells give him a wide range of abilities, and he prides himself on finding just the right tool for any job.

Play the Wizard if you want to come up with clever magical solutions to your problems. In the dungeon, you throw fire and cast hordes into magical slumber. In town, you research ancient mysteries and conduct magical experiments.


High Concept: Choose one.

  • Dutiful Arcane Scholar
  • Ultimate Arcane Power!

Trouble: Choose one.

  • Curiosity Killed the What?
  • My Spells Cast Me

Other Aspects: Choose three. You may replace one with a racial aspect.

  • __________’s Fate Intrigues Me
  • I Have a Spell for That
  • Specialist in __________
  • Spell Components Everywhere
  • Too Many Secrets


Clever: Good (+3)

Assign the following to the other five approaches: Fair (+2), Fair (+2), Average (+1), Average (+1), and Mediocre (+0).

Class Feature

Spellpower [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]: You have reserves of arcane energy you channel into your spells to great effect. Mark off one Spellpower to treat one spell attack as lethal or to affect every enemy in a single zone with an attack or create an advantage action. Clear all marked boxes when you have time to prepare your spells anew. If you mark the fourth box, your energy is drained and you can no longer cast spells.


Choose one. At each milestone, you can choose another as your minor milestone benefit. Once you have three stunts, each new stunt lowers your Refresh by 1.

  • Conjuration: Once per session I can summon a creature to serve as a temporary companion. Mark off one Spellpower and treat my weight as 2 for the rest of the scene.
  • Abjuration: I get +2 to Cleverly defend against physical attacks by casting protective magics.
  • Transmutation: I get +2 to Carefully create an advantage by magically altering the structure of an object or creature.
  • Evocation: I get +2 to Forcefully attack a target and deal ____ stress (choose an element—fire, ice, lightning, etc.—when you gain this stunt).
  • Divination: I get +2 to Flashily overcome obstacles involving a lack of information by performing a disturbing visionary ritual.

Elf Wizard Art is © 2012 Brian Patterson, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/