Fate of Uresia: Emerald Knights

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Permission: An aspect related to membership in an Emerald order.

Cost: 3 stunts.

The legendary Emerald Knights wear massive suits of armor that magically enhance their strength. These suits are powered by emeralds the size of a man's fist, which store an unbelievable amount of magical energy.

Emerald Knight armor is among the strongest protective gear in the world. It provides Armor: 4 against physical attacks. The strength-enhancing magic gives a +2 bonus to Physique rolls that involve direct applications of strength.

Knights often customize their armor with additional magical enhancements. An Emerald Knight character might possess any of the following upgrades, at the cost of 1 stunt/refresh each.

  • The armor comes with an appropriately sized weapon, granting Weapon: 2 on Fight attacks or Shoot attacks (choose one; you can take this upgrade twice to have both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon). Taking this upgrade an additional time means the weapon is almost comically large (a six-yard sword, for example) and increases the effect to Weapon: 4.
  • The armor greatly enhances speed and jumping distance. This grants +2 to Athletics rolls to cross zones or overcome physical obstacles by moving.
  • Special wards or runes block magic targeting the knight, granting Armor: 2 against non-physical magical attacks.

Players and GMs are encouraged to come up with more exotic upgrades (following the normal rules for creating stunts).

Fate of Uresia: Sporting Chefs

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In the kingdom of Dreed, cooking is the highest form of competition. Sporting chefs battle each other (in some cases quite literally and spectacularly) for the right to be called "Food God." The ability to cook well is the road to wealth and celebrity.

Fate of Uresia: Slimes

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A note on how races work in my Fate of Uresia game: you must choose at least one of the listed racial aspects, but no more than two. The racial stunt is free, in addition to the normal stunts you get in character creation.

Racial Aspects: Always Bounces Back; [Color] Slime; Fluid Shape; Words Are So Limited

Racial Stunts: Each color of slime features a unique racial stunt. The most common slime varieties are listed below.

  • Black Slime (Swarming Bandit Slime): You can break apart into a swarm of miniature versions of yourself. When you use Athletics to create an advantage on someone you have swarmed, you get an extra free invoke.
  • White Slime (Savant Slime): You can enter the White Slime Trance and gain cryptic insight into the future. You can pay a Fate Point to have the GM describe some likely element of the near future. If your vision comes to pass in a future scene, the GM will create a situation aspect to reflect it and you get a free invoke.
  • Purple Slime (Friendly Thunder Slime): You can increase your size in an instant, gaining up to two tons of mass. You get +2 to Physique rolls whenever you leverage this boost to size and strength.
  • Blue Slime: You possess the Love Magic Hug. You can use Empathy to recover physical consequences on yourself or anyone you embrace.
  • Green Slime (Emerald Slime): You are amphibious, able to breathe both air and water. You get +2 to Athletics rolls while swimming.
  • Yellow Slime (Winged Slime): Your tiny white wings allow you to fly. You can ignore obstacles to movement as long as you can fly over them. The GM may designate aerial zones, which you can access but other characters cannot.
  • Orange Slime (Mad Digger Slime): Orange Slime Burrowing lets you tunnel through earth or stone with ease. You can ignore obstacles to movement as long as you can burrow under or around them. The GM may designate zones underground that you can access but other characters cannot.
  • Red Slime (Racing Slime): You possess incredible speed. You get +2 on defense rolls with Athletics, or in contests relying on speed.

Metal Slimes possess the powers of two different colors. Being a Metal Slime costs an additional point of Refresh, but you can choose two racial stunts. Examples include Copper (Orange/Black), Silver (White/Blue, also called "Holy Slimes"), and Gold (Yellow/Green).

Fate of Uresia: Magic

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In the world of Uresia, magic takes many forms. Here are some brief systems for handling various styles of Uresian magic in Fate Core.


Boru Sorcery

Permission: Aspect reflecting knowledge of Boru Sorcery--or the ability to fake it.

A Boru sorcerer will avoid using magic if possible. If you can do something with a mundane skill, why do you need to bring the arcane into things?

Actual Boru magic manipulates emotions and perceptions. Mechnically, it takes the form of advantages created with Deceive (to trick, misdirect, or confuse) and Empathy (to read emotional states and gather information).


Common Demonology

Permission: Aspect denoting knowledge of demon summoning rituals.

Cost: 1 refresh.

Demon summoning magic is common in Sindra and Winnow, rare and feared most everywhere else. While the popular image of a demon is a fearsome creature wreathed in fire, technically any being from another plane is classified as a demon. Thus, summoned entities can take just about any form and have nearly infinite capability.

Summoned demons are handled as nameless NPCs (at least at first). To summon one, make a Lore roll with a difficulty of the demon's rating. You can control the demon for a scene. At the end of that time, you have three options: banish the demon back to wherever it came from; release it from your service to roam Heaven's Grave; or attempt to control it further with another Lore roll. If you ever fail one of these Lore rolls, you must either banish the demon or release it.

If you decide that you want to keep a summoned demon on permanently, you must maintain control of it until you achieve a minor milestone and then rename one of your aspects to indicate this new relationship. The demon becomes a supporting character (with more traits at the GM's discretion), and you keep it as a sidekick.

The GM is free to limit the number of demons you can control at one time. A suggestion is one permanent sidekick and one temporary summoned demon.


Duandralin Wild Magic

Permission: Aspect indicating membership in the Duandralin and a connection to the demon beasts of the Wild Pact.

Birah is ruled by demons, bestial spirits that rule over the elves as the price for driving the Koval Empire from their land. The magic of Birah is actually lessons taught to the Elves by their new masters. The Duandralin are elite elven warriors who have learned to mimic the features of beasts in terrifying "monster styles."

Wild Magic uses the Lore skill to create advantages on the warrior representing bestial characteristics of real animals or demon beasts. This can be anything from Rending Claws to Piercing Sight to Terrifying Roar

Duandralin draw their magic from the Wild Pact, and any warrior that acts against the demon court may find their power deserting them at the worst time. 


Rego Corunda Magic

Permission: Dwarf; Aspect linking you the Charcoal Kings

Cost: 1 or 2 stunts

The dwarves of Laöch who serve the Charcoal Kings learn two very specific, very powerful magical effects. The magic is drawn from a six-ton mass of quartz called the Fire Cluster and channeled through runes drawn on the dwarf's skin in soot. If the soot is ever washed off, the dwarf cannot use magic.

The two spells are represented with stunts. You can learn one or both at the normal cost in refresh (or your free stunts at character creation). Activating or deactivating either spell requires a turn but no roll. You cannot have both active at the same time, and you cannot generally maintain either spell for longer than a scene.

Holy Fire Skin: When you activate this spell, your skin hardens to a leathery texture. You gain Armor: 1 against physical attacks. You can spend a fate point to ignore the effects of fire and heat for a scene.

Walk as Smoke: When you activate this spell, you and any nonliving possessions become a cloud of smoke. You can ignore most physical effects except strong winds and the like. You can walk on a breeze, pass through any opening that isn't airtight, and so on. However, you cannot move anything heavier than a sheet of parchment.


Yemite Necromancy

Permission: Aspect noting you were born in Yem

Cost: 1 refresh; Skill ranks in the Necromancy skill

The cold land of Yem is the earthly remains of the land of the dead. Everyone born in Yem possesses a connection to the dead and can learn the powers of necromancy. The most powerful practitioners control the cities of Yem.

Conjuring up undead servants, whether physical or spectral, uses the same rules as Common Demonology above, replacing Lore with Necromancy. 

New Skill: Necromancy

Necromancy manipulates the energies of the living and the dead. It can control the spirits of the deceased or animate their corpses. It can heal the living by drawing life energy from others. The same siphoning effect can be used to kill, also.

  • Overcome: The dead can overcome a great variety of obstacles, spiritually or physically. In particular, you can use Necromancy to recover physical consequences.
  • Create an Advantage: A necromancer can infuse himself with energy, growing stronger and tougher. He can bond ghosts to objects in a form of enchantment. He can cause fear or weakness in others. Etc.
  • Attack: Necromancy can draw life energy out of others, potentially killing them.
  • Defend: Necromancy cannot normally be used to defend.

Kevin Mulcahey, Ork Courier

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Here's a sample character for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

Kevin Mulcahey is an exceptional ork in many ways. He is clever and well-spoken, reasonably athletic, and very lucky. Kevin began working as a messenger and courier in his early teens, first on foot and later on a series of motorbikes. His work was mostly legal, although his lack of a SIN meant he never got any well-paying corp jobs.

With little education and no identity, Kevin knows that he will never make it anywhere unless he pushes his luck and goes for a big score. He has begun working the shadows, moving high-value stolen merchandise for more established runner teams that need an extra set of wheels. He's been able to afford some minor cyberwear and a good bike, but doesn't have enough to be a big-time runner himself. Yet.

Kevin lives in a crap-sack apartment on the edge of town with his wife, Melissa, also an ork. Melissa teaches at an ad-hoc community school for what feels like less than zero pay. Kevin rarely sleeps well, worrying about where his next job will come from and how he'll support his family. He's thankful that, for the moment, he doesn't have any more mouths to feed. Kevin is a practicing Roman Catholic.

Kevin's biggest flaw is his metahuman pride. He does not respond well to anti-metahuman prejudice, especially that directed at orks. He tries his best to hold his tongue on jobs, but it's hard. Off the job, the slightest insult may be enough to send him over.

Stats after the break.

Big Recap

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Wow, I really fell of the wagon hard with the whole "blogging every day" thing. I'm going to try to do better.

So, what have I been up to? 

Wardens of Ouon Playtest and Map Creation

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I ran the first playtest of Wardens of Ouon today. It went very well. We began with map creation, making locations in the Forest of Ouon for our unicorn Wardens to protect. This was an awesome way to start the game and would be an even better beginning to an extended campaign. Here's the current section on Map Creation. (We had four players plus a GM, and we went two times around the table creating locations, so our map was a bit more complex than the sample below.)

Names in Wardens of Ouon

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I've been working on my Wardens of Ouon setting recently, including flavor bits like how to name your Warden. Since magic in the setting is based on Names, you can imagine that this is an important step.

Blood Magic

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At Gen Con this year, my wife is running a GURPS adventure set in the world of a fantasy novel she has written, featuring magic powered by the blood of left-handed individuals said to be touched by the gods. I came up with a little system for blood magic, and I'm going to present it here.

Gen Con Prep Continues

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My GURPS adventure is about 97% done. I think I may need to jot down a few more notes on individual scenes and maybe do some rough map sketches.

My Star Trek adventure is about 20% done. I'm still working on pre-gens. I have ideas for scenes, but I need to hammer them together into a proper outline.

My hunter's Moon adventure is barely in the "brainstorming scene" phase.

A lot of work still to do, and less than three weeks to do it.

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