Fate of Uresia: Emerald Knights

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Permission: An aspect related to membership in an Emerald order.

Cost: 3 stunts.

The legendary Emerald Knights wear massive suits of armor that magically enhance their strength. These suits are powered by emeralds the size of a man's fist, which store an unbelievable amount of magical energy.

Emerald Knight armor is among the strongest protective gear in the world. It provides Armor: 4 against physical attacks. The strength-enhancing magic gives a +2 bonus to Physique rolls that involve direct applications of strength.

Knights often customize their armor with additional magical enhancements. An Emerald Knight character might possess any of the following upgrades, at the cost of 1 stunt/refresh each.

  • The armor comes with an appropriately sized weapon, granting Weapon: 2 on Fight attacks or Shoot attacks (choose one; you can take this upgrade twice to have both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon). Taking this upgrade an additional time means the weapon is almost comically large (a six-yard sword, for example) and increases the effect to Weapon: 4.
  • The armor greatly enhances speed and jumping distance. This grants +2 to Athletics rolls to cross zones or overcome physical obstacles by moving.
  • Special wards or runes block magic targeting the knight, granting Armor: 2 against non-physical magical attacks.

Players and GMs are encouraged to come up with more exotic upgrades (following the normal rules for creating stunts).

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