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Blood Magic

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At Gen Con this year, my wife is running a GURPS adventure set in the world of a fantasy novel she has written, featuring magic powered by the blood of left-handed individuals said to be touched by the gods. I came up with a little system for blood magic, and I'm going to present it here.

Born to Fight

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Tonight, I did character creation with three of my players for the upcoming Yrth Gladiators game. One, my wife, is an old hand at GURPS 4th Edition. One player had experience with 3rd edition, but it's been quite a while since he'd played. The last player is completely new to GURPS. I let the first two get by with the books and Character Assistant while I helped the third, stopping to answer questions as we went.

Goldar the Barbarian

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I recently received a Vampire set from the Reaper Bones miniatures Kickstarter. As I sort through the minis and decide which ones I want to use in my upcoming GURPS Banestorm campaign, I'm going to be doing blog entries with a stat block for the character each mini will represent. To start, here is Goldar the Barbarian.

Help Me Make a Character

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This week, I'm starting a series on Google+ Hangouts called Help Me Make a Character. On the show, I invite a group of gamers to sit down with me and go through the character creation process for an RPG. Along the way, whenever there's a big decision to be made, we'll make it together. I'll be responsible for settling on specific mechanics and cleaning everything up, but the bulk of the design will be done by the group.

New Rules for Mage-Gladiators

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Jamie has decided she wants to play an elven mage-gladiator in the upcoming GURPS game, so I've been writing up some styles (both martial and magical) for her. Here are a couple of new rules pieces I created as part of the styles.

An Unusual Opponent

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Here's an opponent I whipped up for the first session or so of my upcoming GURPS gladiator game. The group will fight this guy after they've each had a one-on-one against another gladiator.


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Tonight, I did an On Air Hangout with Pete Figtree where I gave him the 101 on GURPS. Hopefully I demystified the system a little for the folks out there in Internetland. You can check out the video after the cut.

Detroit Rock Psity, Part 2

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After hitting our friendly local game shop for Free RPG Day swag (here), we convened for another session of GURPS Monster Hunters. This session was the continuation of the adventure we started in May in which the hunters uncovered a small gang of psionic teenager in Detroit.

Game Prep: Yrth Gladiators

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My Monday night gaming group is planning to wrap up our current Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 campaign in August when one of our players is heading back to school. He may be available again in the spring semester, so we were looking for something that we could run in the interim.

I volunteered to run a GURPS fantasy game for a few months and presented some ideas. The easy winner was "gladiators fighting for their freedom on the barbarian frontier." Now I have a few months to prep for this game.

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