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Full Moon Cards

Full Moon Cards

81 cards; US Premium Poker (or Print-and-Play PDF)

$10.00 (or $0.50)

Full Moon, the roleplaying game of life on the lunar frontier, uses fudge dice to resolve actions. These specialty dice provide a unique experience you can’t easily get from other kinds of dice. But what if you don’t have your own fudge dice? That’s where Full Moon Cards come in.

This deck of 81 cards reproduces the probabilities you find when you roll four fudge dice, giving a result between -4 and +4. Each card features a unique combination of four dice results, if you ever need to know how many +s or -s you rolled.

In addition, the cards provide 81 adventure and plot hooks from the Full Moon rule book matched to the corresponding dice results. If you’re stuck for where to take the adventure next, just draw a card and follow the hook to your next scene.