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Interstellar Patrol Adventure Cards

Interstellar Patrol Adventure Cards

80 cards; Premium US Poker (or Print-and-Play PDF).

$15.00 (or $2)

Interstellar Patrol for Fate Accelerated Edition presents a campaign frame for optimistic space fiction like the original Star Trek television series. It includes random tables for generating worlds and plots for GMs who are short of time or inspiration.

Now, Interstellar Patrol Adventure Cards expands on those tables with three decks of cards that let you quickly create an entire episode of your own space adventures. Start by drawing a random plot card and picking one of the two adventure hooks. Then choose an adventure fractal card that suits the plot you drew, or draw one randomly to put an unexpected twist on the story. Finally, choose or draw a world card (or set your adventure in Space) to establish the environment.

Plots and worlds give aspects for your adventure, while worlds and fractals provide an array of skill bonuses that determine what kinds of challenges will be most important to the evening’s story. The cards are designed to fit together to keep all this information right at your fingertips.

With Interstellar Patrol Adventure Cards you can have an entire night of space adventure ready to go in minutes. Draw your cards, jot down an NPC or two, and you’re off. Go forth, explorers, and be bold!

Contents: 27 plot cards, 24 adventure fractal cards, 28 world cards, 1 rules card.