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Situation Aspect Cards Blanks

Situation Aspect Cards Blanks

21 cards; US Premium Poker.

$4.00 (or $0.50)

The most interesting and dynamic scenes in any Fate system game feature situation aspects, features of the environment or the situation that provide advantages or deliver complications. The GM can introduce these elements by design or add them on the fly, and players can create them through character action. Most GMs end up carrying around index cards or sticky notes to keep track of all of these aspects.

With Situation Aspect Cards Blanks, you get 20 blank cards that can be used to represent aspects in your game. Icons indicate four categories of situation aspect: environmental conditions, personal conditions, social conditions, and dangers. Circle the icon that matches your new aspect. Each aspect card is double-sided, with check boxes to represent free invokes gained through the create an advantage action — one box on the front side if you succeed, or two on the back if you succeed with style.

With the addition of clear plastic card sleeves (not included), you can easily write on the cards with wet-erase marker. Check the boxes as your players use free invokes, then wipe the card clean with a damp cloth or paper towel. If you don’t have sleeves, use the same tokens you have representing fate points to mark the available invokes.

Drop your Situation Aspect Cards in your gaming bag along with your Fate dice and you’re ready for Fate gaming wherever you go.