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Super Power Cards (for Fate Core)

Super Power Cards (for Fate Core)

46 cards; Print-and-Play PDF.

$2 (Print-and-Play PDF), $8 (cards), or $9 (Card+PDF bundle)

Venture Into a World Of Super Powers—One Card At a Time

This deck of cards includes each of the powers and power themes from the Fate Core super-power rules (first presented in Venture City) on its own card for you to reference in play. Each card includes the power’s basic effect, enhancements, improved special effects, power synergies, and collateral damage effects. Just check off the boxes for the ones you’ve taken for your character.

For more super-powered adventure, check out It’s Element-ary!, a campaign setting of Saturday morning superheroes! Use these cards as reference for the characters presented there or as a guide for creating your own!