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Fate Location Cards 1

Fate Location Cards 1

16 cards; Print-and-Play PDF.

$1 (Print-and-Play PDF), $8 (cards), or $9 (Card+PDF bundle)

Fate Location Cards offer a collection of intriguing sites to set your adventures in, along with rules to make those locations come alive. Following the Bronze Rule of Fate Core (“you can treat everything like a character”), these locations include aspects and stunts that come into play in scenes set in those locations. Some stunts are even available for characters to buy once they’ve visited, so they can continue to gain the benefits of the location for the rest of the campaign!

This first set of Fate Location Cards includes 16 fantastical locations on illustrated, tarot-sized cards. An extra card describes how to use the cards in your game, whether you’re running a one-shot or setting up a full fantasy campaign. From the Giant’s Helm to the Ruins of Fal’Triaz, these cards will inspire exciting or mysterious moments your players will remember for a long time.