69 More RPGs Promotion

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Brie Beau Sheldon has put together a neat promotion over in itch.io, and I’ve decided to participate. The 69 More RPGs event is what Itch calls a “reverse sale,” where you temporarily increase the price of your game rather than discounting it. In this case, folks are bumping up their prices by 69%, with the hope of getting 69 creators involved to help showcase all of the great indie RPG work that’s available over on Itch.

I’m throwing my hat in with It’s Element-ary!, my Ennie-nominated game of Saturday morning super heroes. Through July 24, you can get It’s Element-ary! for $10.14 rather than the usual $6.00. Check it out, and also head to the collection page I linked above to check out all the other great games available as part of this promotion.

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