We discuss playing classic 20s-30s pulp adventure using only the free GURPS Lite rules.
I've been working on a new Cortex Prime game build inspired by Mage: the Ascension. It's not a direct adaptation, but it looks pretty similar so far.

Scratching An Itch

Jan 2, 2022
My experience with the itch platform in 2021.

My Current Gaming

May 16, 2021
What am I currently running and/or playing as of May 2021?
Play kids in a small town dealing with weird stuff using GURPS Lite.

Gen Con 2019 is Coming

Jul 19, 2019
Two sample eidols.

Eidol Summoning

Nov 26, 2018
A Framework for Magical Allies in GURPS.

My Gen Con Schedule

Jul 20, 2018

Why Do You Hate GURPS?

Jun 15, 2017

Incite Mutation

May 10, 2017
A description of super-bases as a power theme for the Fate superhero rules from Venture City.

On Designers Notes

Mar 15, 2017

Space Patrol: Diplomat

Jan 22, 2015

Space Patrol Psi

Jan 15, 2015

Space Patrol: Warrior

Dec 18, 2014

Space Patrol: SAP 217

Aug 28, 2014

Space Patrol: Planets

Jun 9, 2014

Space Patrol: Aliens

May 29, 2014