coding character sheets

Coding Character Sheets is a collection of resources for game moderators, game designers and publishers looking to use web technologies in presenting and distributing their games.

My name is Paul Stefko, and I'm a tabletop game designer, developer, writer, and consultant. I am not a web design or web technology professional. Rather, I'm an enthusiastic amateur who has been studying and using these technologies in my own game design publications for many years.

You can get started with the first post: Writing in Markdown. The Resources page includes links to useful programs, articles, and tutorials elsewhere that expand on the topics we cover here.

All of the code we make along the way is available on GitHub, as are the original Markdown files for each post.

Latest Post

Tool: Inline Variants

Aug 1, 2022
We take a look at a tool for displaying different content based on a page's URL search parameters.