My Gen Con Schedule

Jul 20, 2018
📕 2 min.

Gen Con 2018 is rapidly approaching, and I'm scrambling to get ready for the "best four days in gaming." I'd like to share my schedule so you know where I'll be. Maybe we'll run into each other!

Wednesday is a travel day, but I should be in Indianapolis by late afternoon. I'll be heading to the Diana Jones Awards at 9:00 for the annual industry hangout. The DJAs have moved this year. Do I dare hope that the new venue is a bit easier on the ears than the old Cadillac Ranch was?

Thursday launches the convention proper. I'm running two sessions of Feng Shui 2 in a series of loosely linked adventures:

Trigram 1: Ancient (RPG18130923)
A band of rebellious heroes must stop agents of a forgotten monarch from slaying the magistrate who has hunted them for years.

Trigram 2: Past (RPG18130929)
Caught between foreign invaders & zealous monks, a band of rebellious heroes uncover a plot from another realm to change the fate of China.

Friday morning, I finish up my Feng Shui series, then I plan to attend a few seminars in the afternoon.

Trigram 3: Present (RPG18130935)
A band of rebellious heroes deal with magical fallout when agents of a forgotten monarch launch a desperate bid to destroy modern Hong Kong.

At the time of writing, all of my games are sold out, but if they look interesting, do stop by with generics. You never know if a few seats will be opened up by no-shows.

Saturday is for more seminars, including the Talks Machina live show at 8:00 PM. If you've heard about the latest developments in Critical Role, you can probably imagine how interesting this one will be.

Sunday, as usual, is reserved for one last tour of the exhibit hall. Then it's more travel back to Pittsburgh, and to sleep for another year.