Crashing Beasts & Crumbling Halls cover

Crashing Beasts & Crumbling Halls

An epic dungeon fantasy RPG built using the latest Fate Condensed rules. Make the exact adventuring hero you want to play, and venture through dungeons stocked with exciting foes and devious traps.

can•trip year one

For Crashing Beasts & Crumbling Halls

Each month, supporters of my Patreon receive a new volume of can•trip, the Crashing Beasts & Crumbling Halls zine. This bundle lets you catch up on the first year of the zine with over 60 pages of dungeon fantasy support.

can•trip year one cover
It's Element-ary! cover

It's Element-ary!

For Fate

The Ennie-nominated Fate sourcebook for your favorite Saturday morning supers cartoon that never existed!

Interstellar Patrol

For Fate

Inspired by optimistic space fiction such as the original Star Trek, Interstellar Patrol is a sci-fi campaign frame for Fate Accelerated Edition. Your characters are the crew of a starship charged with protecting the Coalition of Worlds and expanding the bounds of its knowledge. Go forth, explorers, and be bold!

Interstellar Patrol cover
Full Moon cover

Full Moon

A roleplaying game about life on the lunar frontier. Your characters are lonely prospectors, ambitious criminals, or plain folk just hoping for a better life. Factions struggle to build a community in this unforgiving place. Will you throw in with one? Or will you make a name for yourselves on your own terms?

Stir Crazy

For Full Moon

In the future, man has built settlements on the moon for the purpose of supporting numerous mining operations. These bases were built by corporations, but they are now manned by independent prospectors, men and women who endure loneliness and boredom in their isolated claims. Stir Crazy is a story of one such facility.

Stir Crazy cover
Old Kingdom Bestiary: The Battle Troll cover

Old Kingdom Bestiary: The Battle Troll

For 5e OGL fantasy

During the fall of the Old Kingdom, many armies fielded powerful and aggressive trolls bred and trained for organized battle. Now the story of these terrible weapons can be told again.

Old Kingdom Bestiary: The Elder Ettin

For 5e OGL fantasy

Occasionally, an ettin survives to a great age, and its heads come to an uncomfortable final alliance. Their objective is to die, and they will rampage until a defense can be mounted against them. Such a creature is a terror to remote settlements, and even fortified castles have much to fear.

Old Kingdom Bestiary: The Elder Ettin cover
Old Kingdom Bestiary: The Ink Phoenix cover

Old Kingdom Bestiary: The Ink Phoenix

For 5e OGL fantasy

When a spellcaster needs a resilient messenger capable of delivering an untraceable and unrecoverable message, they may create a special construct known as an ink phoenix.

Old Kingdom Bestiary: The Mist Dragon

For 5e OGL fantasy

With the turning of the age come new breeds of dragon. Rumors tell of secluded valleys hidden by mist that are home to the quiet, contemplative mist dragons. Gentle souls who despise self-deception, mist dragons help those who penetrate their territory to find their own truth and overcome the barriers they've built for themselves.

Old Kingdom Bestiary: The Mist Dragon cover
Old Kingdom Cyclopedia: Power of the Great Wyrm cover

Old Kingdom Cyclopedia: Power of the Great Wyrm

For 5e OGL fantasy

The strongest and most clever dragons live so long that mere wealth no longer interests them. They hoard power, over individuals, nations, and even reality itself. Some of these great wyrms may choose to invest a portion of that power in mortals, forming pacts that turn arcane dabblers into warlocks bearing the marks of ancient draconic magic.


Revenant is a game designed for one Player and one Narrator to tell a story about passion beyond death. Inspired heavily by films such as Ghost and The Crow, Revenant is about wanting something so bad that you will defy the laws of mortality to see it done.

Revenant cover